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Office Furniture Receiving

Accepting shipments from various designers effectively and efficiently.

Excellent Receiving, Locally Sourced

Our 55,000 sq ft main warehouse centrally located for quick, convenient access to major roadways in New York City and New Jersey. Right off the highway, Our location makes it straightforward for our drivers. Along with their project managers, they reach job sites throughout the tri-state area faster than other companies. 
The extra time we save due to our Elizabeth, NJ location allows us to spend the extra time getting the load right and keeping your product safe.
We get there quickly, unload, install, and move onto the next job. Our union guys are the best in the business because of effective leadership on the front line.

Our Warehouse

It’s a contemporary, clean, well-organized facility ample open-floor and three-tier racked space. Separate areas for receiving, staging and managed long-term storage.
The warehouse is equipped with fire and smoke detection and fire suppression systems.
High-efficiency overhead lighting controlled by motion detectors provides operational, environmental and cost efficiency.

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